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Ebony Sisters "Let me tell you boy" Bullet 401 A (1969)

Thanks, not to long. Ideally I will listen not talk. Don't think I will use the example you class had, but it is thoughtful and as complex Thank you for BA and I'm glad things seem to be working out. I think you and your sister handled this as best as possible.

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Turns out they were both virgins, STDs not an issue. She talked a bit, but wants me to talk with them. I have done most of the sex talks sis usually sits in, not alwayspartly because of my nephew being older. They have stopped for now, but are giving my sister a hard time. They have used condoms, have not been with anyone else.

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Other than the incest issue, which is a biggie, I am not sure what to say. My feeling if told to stop, they may or may not I seek a peaceful way, locking them up, boarding school makes no sense.

Logic usually works. They said on New Years weekend they got carried away.

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No, I don't know the details beyond consent by both, nothing forced. The love they feel is not romantic, it is lust. That said, I look for points,until I see them, then will ate. It will stop.


No presure from either. Going to see therapist, they understand objections. It will not be ongoing, summer helps, with each at different groups.

Ebony nude sister

I want to thank all for the comments even hositle. I know people who work in the field of family sex, but.

With some work, it will be something we don't need to revisit.

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Again, a thanks to all for what were, in the main, thoughtful remarks. Share Facebook. My niece and nephew are having sex, my sister wants me to talk to them. Add Opinion.

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This is a hard one. I was in a class a couple years ago and we were discussing an article about morality that I don't remember the name of. It was basically about the idea that we find things to be morally wrong because of this innate feeling. We talked about this example: A brother and sister both consent to having sex together once. They decided to go to the woods to do it. No one knows about it except them. They use protection to limit risk of pregnancy. So basically we are asked to explain why this is wrong, without using pregnancy, other people knowing about it, it repeating, and lack of consent.

It went something like that such that we couldn't really give a true reason for them not to do it other than we just felt it was wrong. Your case is obviously different, but as far as an explanation for why it is wrong, beyond the obvious, is hard to come up with.

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It is just this feeling most of us get when thinking about such a thing. So to come up with a logic response can be really hard. They are old enough that you would expect for them to feel that this is wrong. You can tell them that it is wrong, there is a risk of pregnancy, and that it is just unhealthy.

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There is no real good that can come from what they are doing. I also agree with the answers below that you really need to try an understand why they are doing this. You can't just lecture them and expect it to all go away.

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You need to find out why they got started and why they think it is OK to continue with such behavior. Sorry for such a long answer.

Girls is it normal for my sister to be walking around our apartment half naked in front of me?

This is a messy situation and I hope it all works out OK. Contrary to popular belief, consensual incest happens more prevalent than we think, even here in America.

The misconception is that it only happens in abusive, poor, ignorant or in homes with neglect, but there are many cases in history where people go on to marry their siblings, cousins ect.

Here's where you probably need to seek the help of a professional. You say the sex is consensual, but even then, one of them might be pushing the issue, through coercion or force, while the other is too afraid to admit it. Never mind what is being said.

It must be at least vetted and the only way to do that is speak to them separately. Someone skilled in this area would be able to ask the right questions and come up with a real assessment. I can't imagine what your sister must be thinking, but I would suggest just doing some research on the subject and suggesting your sister do some too. A quick google search can give you some insight and perhaps other people's experiences.

When you're informed, it helps make a problem or an issue such as this much more palatable.

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I'm not really familiar with the issue incest I work with clients who had incestuous relationships but they were build out of a state of dependence I'm pretty sure there are self-help groups for person concerned and relative. Is there some kind of counselling centre for family and children in your area? I'm sure you can ask anonym for numbers or places where you can find information and help.

Do you know why they are having sex? When he asked me what I wanted, as my reward for winning the game, I think he expected me to demand pleasure.

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