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Dick Tracy (1990) - Original Theatrical Trailer

Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring Dick Tracy originally Plainclothes Tracy , [2] a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould. Gould wrote and drew the strip until , [3] and various artists and writers have continued it. Dick Tracy has also been the hero in a number of films, including Dick Tracy in which Warren Beatty played the lead in Tom De Haven praised Gould's Dick Tracy as an "outrageously funny American Gothic", while Brian Walker described it as a "ghoulishly entertaining creation" which had "gripping stories filled with violence and pathos". Basing the character on U. Patterson suggested changing the hero's name to Dick Tracy, and also put forward an opening storyline in which Tracy joined the police after his girlfriend's father was murdered by robbers.

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Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again. What's Streaming Now on Netflix? Superhero TV Shows. From the comics page to the silver screen. Share this Rating Title: Dick Tracy - 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. Dick Tracy Action Comedy Crime.

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Action Crime Mystery. Police detective Dick Tracy must identify and apprehend a serial killer known as Splitface. There are some goofs in this serial. In the opening chapter the Lame One fires four shots in a train cabin where five men are seated but no one is killed.

One must then assume that the Lame One used blanks. In Chapter twelve it is one of the train passengers that shoots the lame but misses all four times. In another chapter Dick Tracy is tossed a rope with a lifesaver attached to it, but in the next scene when he is pulled up on the boat the lifesaver is not attached to the rope.

In chapter fourteen in the hospital room the man lying in bed has bandages wrapped around his face and both hands. In the next scene the man right arm is in sling with bandages wrapped around it, but the bandages on the left hand are gone. Overall this is not a bad serial; granted this is the first and only one that I ever watched or own.

The Spider Strikes 29 min 31s 2. The Bridge of Terror 19 min 11s 3. The Fur Pirates 20 min 25s 4. Death Rides the Sky 20 min 49s 5. Brother Against Brother 19 min 14s 6. Dangerous Waters 16 min 52s 7.

DICK TRACY - Complete Serial Collection [DVD] [, , , ]

The Ghost Town Mystery 20 min 11s 8. Battle in the Clouds 18 min 40s 9. The Stratosphere Adventure 18 min 00s The Gold Ship 18 min 28s Harbor Pursuit 16 min 35s The Fire Trap 16 min 45s The Devil in White 20 min 35s Brothers United 16 min 59s.

If you are a collector of old "B" movies, as I am, you'll thoroughly enjoy this collection of 4 Dick Tracy "cliff-hangers", all starring Ralph Byrd and a good supporting cast.

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Really enjoyed this serial collection containing all the Republic's Dick Tracy serials from the late s, also enjoyed the old TV Dick Tracy program from early TV day that was included with this collection. I don't think serials are for everyone, today, people are more into CIG and special effects but for any one who likes wall to wall action in one scene after another I highly recommend this collection.

Also, Mr. Byrd does an outstanding job as Dick Tracy and the supporting cast in all the serials in this collection are very good. Arrived today, started in on first set of disks which is the serial from and the quality is very good.

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Im giving it four stars for now because i have not actually watched all three sets. If they're all as good as as what Ive seen so far then it is definitely worth five. But part of the charm of this serial comes from the sprinkling of rather bizarre characters such as the clown, the demented scientist, the miner, and of course the principal bad guy, the Lame One.

The other serial used a lot of footage from this one. The flying wing, the hunchback scientist, Carleton Young, the crushing ship chapter ending are all in the later serial. Ralph Byrd is the definitive Dick Tracy. I didn't remember his being a G man, but the serial does predate my acquaintance with the comic strip. All in all, this is definitely one of the better serials.

As an earlier Republic serial, you won't see as much stunt action, choreographed fights and telegraphed chapter endings as in the later ones, but the elements are still there. This is one of the times I wish there was a 4 and a half star designation. Ralph Byrd and the supporting cast do a fine job of bringing Dick Tracy to the screen.

There's plenty of action, of course, and the well-known "stealth bomber" plane that is indeed worth seeing. Lee van Atta does a fine job as the kid equally good in Crash Corrigan's Undersea Kingdom serial too helping Tracy, while the villains are smart and sinister. John Piccori, as a mad scientist assisting the ringleader hams it up splendidly, and Carleton Young, as Tracy's brother who is turned into a villain by the mad doctor, is wonderfully cold and unscrupulous.

It has a more intimate story with a more convoluted mystery as the suspects are eliminated one by one by the real killer. That is the only reason I rate this a 4 instead of a 5. I hope the other Tracy serials turn up on DVD soon.

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See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. It's certainly got plenty of good moments, but is handicapped by an obviously very low budget. It also fails to keep up a hectic pace when compared to other such serials.

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Ralph Byrd plays the lead role well enough, and there is good support from the cast generally. However, what really detracts from the overall enjoyment of the serial is the very poor quality of the print, especially during the middle chapters when the characters are barely discernible from the background! Whilst acknowledging the age of the source item, I feel that it must have possible to obtain a better original print to work from.

The quality of the soundtrack is also very disappointing. Palmer, who also wrote many of the scripts, the series often featured Gould-created villains such as FlattopShaky, the Mole, Breathless Mahoney, Heels Beals, and Influence, all of whom appeared on film for the first time on this series.

Feb 20,   Dick Tracy is on the hunt of a mysterious criminal known as the Lame One (he has a bum foot, but I think the title describes the villian's general appearance), leader of / May 16,   Based on the famous cartoon strip by Chester Gould. This was the initial entry of the Dick Tracy serials from Republic Pictures in In this super thriller, a clubfooted criminal known only as the Lame One masterminds a war on G-men/5(21). DICK TRACY - Complete Serial Collection [DVD] [, , , ] $ $ A special collection of all 4 action-packed serials produced by Republic Pictures, based on the famous cartoon strip by Chester Gould and featuring America's favorite crime stopper!

Criticized for its violence, the series remained popular. It ended, not in response to criticism, but because of Byrd's unexpected, premature death in The series was filmed on a low budget, with many long hours and a rushed shooting schedule. The first cartoon series was produced from to by UPA.

Dick Tracy (1990) - Original Theatrical Trailer

Tracy employed a series of cartoon-like subordinate flatfoots to fight crime each week, contacting them on his two-way wrist radio.

UPA was also the production company behind the Mr. Magoo cartoons, so it was possible for them to arrange a meeting between Tracy and Magoo in a episode of the season-long TV series The Famous Adventures of Mr. In the episode Dick Tracy and the MobTracy persuades Magoo a well-known actor in the context of the Famous Adventures series to impersonate an international hit man named Squinty Eyes, who he resembles, and infiltrate a gang of criminals made up of Flattop, Pruneface, Itchy, Mumbles and others.

Unlike the earlier animated Tracy shorts, this longer episode was played relatively straight, with Tracy getting much more screen time.

Pitting Tracy against a coalition of several of his foes was adopted more than two decades later in the film. A second cartoon series was produced in and was a feature in Archie's TV Funniesproduced by Filmation. It adhered more closely to the comic strip, although it was hampered by cruder animation than the UPA shorts, typical of the studio's production standards. William Dozier produced a pilot for a live-action Dick Tracy series in starring Ray MacDonnell in the title role.

Dozier was the producer responsible for the Batman TV series. Eve Plumbwho would later find fame as Jan Brady on The Brady Bunchis credited for a character named Bonnie Braids, who does not appear in the pilot.

In the s, Aurora produced a plastic model kit of Dick Tracy sliding down a fire escape ladder into an alley, in hot pursuit with gun drawn. A Dick Tracy Space Coupe model came next. Both have been reissued by Polar Lights. Also in the market were Mattel's Dick Tracy range of toy guns. The figures were 5" tall, stylized with exaggerated comicy looks and came with lots of accessories. The figure of "The Blank" was added to the assortment well after the film's release to keep the secret of the identity of the character.

As a result, only limited quantities of these two figures made it to store shelves. The Dick Tracy video game was developed by Titus Software in Dick Tracy is a side scrolling action shooting game. The player controls Dick Tracy through five stages.

The figure appears in a suit with two-way wrist radio. There was also a variant figure released of Dick Tracy in his signature trench coat and fedora with a tommy gun accessory.

Dick tracy serial

Media outlets reported a legal battle being waged over rights to the Dick Tracy character. Warren Beatty announced plans to make a sequel to his movie.

Sep 11,   With Ralph Byrd, Joe Devlin, William Woodson, Dick Elliott. Intrepid detective Dick Tracy tangles with a bizarre rogue's gallery of villians. But as always our stoic officer of the law, virtuous to a fault, proves himself up to the task of putting the criminals behind bars/ The first serial, Dick Tracy, is now in the public domain. Early feature films. Six years after the release of the final Republic serial, Dick Tracy headlined four feature films, produced by RKO Radio Pictures. Dick Tracy (a.k.a. Dick Tracy, Detective) was followed by Dick Tracy vs. Cueball in , both with Morgan Conway as Chester Gould, (original), Mike Curtis, (current . Nov 05,   Dick Tracy - Episode Serial is four hours, forty-nine minutes, and fifty-four seconds and was released in theaters on February 20, This version of the movie was distributed through Marengo Films. This was the first of four Dick Tracy serials to be released by Republic Pictures. Ralph Byrd portrayed Dick Tracy in all four serials/5(52).

At the same time, television producers announced plans for a new Dick Tracy TV series. Both sides claimed that they were the legal owners of the rights to Dick Tracy. In MayBeatty sued the Tribune Company, claiming he has owned the rights to the Dick Tracy character since The lawsuit was resolved in Beatty's favor, with a US District judge ruling that Beatty did everything contractually required of him to keep the rights to the character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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