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Good idea dick sucking tips final, sorry, but

How to suck ??! Amazing tips to make him ?? faster!

I've collected many different tips and ideas for you to become better at sucking dicks. After you get some ideas, try them, but it will take a trial and error to find the actual technique that your guy loves. Disclosure : Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I review each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best. Up to you, but getting a dildo to practice with can come in handy.

But how? Well, this guide is here for you! But remember: Every man is different. Take all of this advice with a grain of salt. There is really no one size that will fit all.

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The best advice however that anyone can give you is: Be enthusiastic! I dare you to find a guy who will not love that. You need something that would mimic the feel of the real dick not too hard though. The best tool is a soft silicone dildo with a suction cup. A safe alternative is Lovehoney who also has a generous return policy rare and great support.

Then I remove the rest of his clothes. I place myself in front of his crotch and on my knees. This next part is very important to build suspense.

Then finally its penis time. Have him twitching his dick in hopes you get to the tip faster. If he does so, move back a bit. You can either put it in at this point and start sucking. Sometimes I throw in a tongue twirl over his tip when I pull up my head. By learning that you know how he likes it moved. That will come in handy while you figure out how to use your mouth.

When guys masturbate the rarely use the full hand-down-up movement themselves They mostly just run their hand up and down from the middle of the penis at most. Good luck! A cool vibrating masturbator and a good Wand is a must in every toolbox.

Ladies sexy hot talk a wet tongue and mouth can make a man beg you to suck his dick. While rubbing his cock through his jeans. Whisper in his ear how you want to lick his dick and feel his cock get hard in your mouth as u suck it. Slowly unzip his pants while looking up at him. Rub it as u unzip. When it comes to sucking any kind of dick, especially a big dick it's important to tease. Teasing your partner is not just a turn on but it does things to your body that makes you inflamed with desire. Gently take your tongue and run it along his shaft and make sure to miss the tip of his penis, it . With these simple tips, you can have your dick inside your mouth in no time. How to self suck self-sucking is an art that many would not be able to archive. However, it gives a great sense of fulfillment if you can put your penis in your mouth.

You'll simply will use it forever. Uses are limitless especially with attachments. I think she did it on purpose, but it was amazing. During oral, never swallow your saliva, but let it run. Dick gotta be wet as fuck. Astroglide tastes alright in my experience and is good for vaginal too. Definitely use your hands. I like to keep them close to my mouth and twist them as I go up and down.

Aug 21,   Penises are a lot tougher than you might think, and the two most sensitive places are the tip and the base. "So while you are sucking on the tip, use your hand to press or squeeze . Nov 19,   "Suck The Tip Of His Dick When He Cums" "I start with the whole dick, or as much as I can fit in my mouth. Sometimes I'll lick up and down the shaft (my boyfriend loves that). Once I've lubed it up enough with a bunch of my spit I'll stroke the shaft with one hand while I focus most of my energy/mouth on the tip.

Mix it up. Some guys like their balls sucked or touched. Ask him.

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The glans is very sensitive, like the clitoris. This is about your pleasure too! Or let him cum on your [insert body part here]. Most importantly, be enthusiastic!!!!

Switch up the areas you focus on as well. Seriously, imagine getting a similar question from a guy. How hot would that make you for him? Same goes for them. Just ask. Also, find out if he likes his ass played with.

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Not with your whole hand. Just a couple fingers and thumb so you have more of it to do this too. Squeeze with your hand. I find this makes him so much more sensitive to my tongue. So you are squeezing, just enough for him to swell up a bit more.

Dick sucking tips

No eye contact yet. Just squeeze him, flatten your tongue and start licking up. Do it slowly. Not too slow, but slow enough for him to take in the view Halfway up the cock, look at him.

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Keep some good pressure with your tongue on him. Open your mouth a bit and let him see your tongue. Don't pull your tongue in right away. Let him see it just came off his dick. Hold him in there for a few seconds. Pull your mouth off him quick. Going over and down a few times. Very lightly. This idea works equally well if you are both sitting in the back of a friends car.

The key is catching your man off guard and taking the initiative. The next technique for sucking his cock in a way that totally blows him away is making sure you do it with a high level of animalistic and almost insatiable enthusiasm.

Imagine this scenario. When he opens the door and lays his eyes on you, he immediately rushes forward and grabs hold of you. There is something ridiculously hot and passionate about thishis passionate enthusiasm. When you reverse the situation above, and you become the aggressor, the one who acts out of pure lust, and you attack your man with animalistic enthusiasm while sucking his dick, you can make it an experience that surpasses anything he could ever imagine.

Another way to make the experience feel magical for your man is to talk dirty to him while sucking his cock. I need to see you. Again, you can either call him or message himbut in general messaging is easier.

A super powerful way to intensify this oral sex experience is to allow your man to take control and dictate things. You can do this by getting your man to hold your head while you keep your arms down by your side or even tied behind your back. Now that your man is in control, he can dictate how fast you suck his dick AND how deep you take it.

If the idea of submitting to your man turns you on and you know he respects you enough not to go too fast or too deep, then putting your head in his hands can be incredibly erotic, arousing and fun for both of you. Deep throating provides your man with yet another set of sensations when sucking his cock that will help make him see you as a sexual goddess. With this in mind, here are a few additional ideas you should try when your man climaxes so that sucking his dick becomes a piece of performance art.

The moment he climaxes and explodes in your mouth, swallow it while still sucking for more. When your man sees how desperate your are for his cum, it can seriously intensify his orgasm. Licking Your Lips - A simpler way to finish him off while making it incredibly hot is to have him cum in your open mouth.

Facial Plus - Letting your husband cum on your face can be incredibly hot for both of you. But you can make it more intense, by having him cum on your face, then collecting it on your fingers and licking your fingers clean. Rubbing It In - Another super erotic way to finish off your man when sucking his dick is to have him cum on your breasts or stomach and then start rubbing it and massaging it around your breasts and stomach, putting on a show for your husband.

You can even use it as lube and start masturbating with it.

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Check out the Masturbation Guide on masturbating for incredible orgasms here. You can also learn how you can finish your man off in style so that you give him the most powerful orgasm he has he experienced. Chapter 4 will teach you how. I put together this in-depth, step-by-step instructional video that will teach you how to make your lover sexually addicted to you and only you.

It contains a number of oral sex techniques that will give them full-body, shaking orgasms. If you're interested in learning these techniques to keep your lover addicted and deeply devoted to you as well as having a lot more fun in the bedroom, then you may want to check out the video.

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You can watch it by clicking here. Im going to my boyfriends house tommrow, and i have never sucked a dick before. I read your tips, but im still on edge about it. Me too. I tried it like times but i didnt like it. I still want to orgasm myself,but not like that. Plz give me an idea or tips on how he did it to you better. In no time I was able to deep throat that!!! Practice makes perfect. My guy does too butI cannot focus.

How to suck ??! Amazing tips to make him ?? faster!

As a male I know how to suck dick best, my buddy loves it when I tickle just under his foreskin with my tongue. Furthermore he absolutely loves it when I deep throat him whilst masturbating my 2 inch pickle.

Lots of love, Sebby C P.

Podcast: Foundation For Intense Blow Jobs

This is a site for females not gay men. You are making some women uncomfortable. No shit! A bj is a bj, right? The website is about pleasuring your man and gives good advice for everyone, both female AND male readers. Like, damn! You boys can tell me how to do it and make it feel better, right? I just want to make him as happy in bed as he makes me.

Thank u for commenting i wish we had more gay men who would like to teach or tell us some tricks? I mean who better to learn from? U have a penis so u definitely know the area and whers most sensitive, etc. And u also know how it feels to have one stretching out ur jaw.

My man is shaped like a triangle, it starts with a somewhat pointy thin head, then keeps getting thicker. How do u suck that if ur jaw get very tired in 2 seconds plus i have chronic dry mouth. I dont know if im supposed to glide up n down or am i supposed to actually create some type of suction preventing air from sliding in out? I also have lock jaw if i go too long ill bite him, any ideas?

As for dry mouth, drink plenty of water or try using some edible lube. I agree the first time I gave a blowjob to my male friend it was a little intimidating. I am the goddess of cock sucking lol Needed to learn new things but I already do all this. I really need to learn how to deep throat. I need to find something to practice with, then surprise him!

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I really want to surprise him with something that he will be blown away with! Any suggestions? Suck his balls and jerk his cock at the same time and tell him you would love to have 2 cocks face fucking you. That should get him spewing forth ribbons of cum down your throat and all over your face. I struggle to make my boyfriend come with just a blowjob and end up having to end it with a hand job instead, he says he enjoys oral sex more than the hand jobs but when he thinks he is close, it just never happens.

I also find it difficult to tell if he is even enjoying it most of the time and when i try to make him come with oralit just takes too long and in the end, i admit, i get a bit bored because i dont know if im any good at it and plus it just starts to feel im doing the same thing over and over again.

Get him to stop masturbating completely for the next month. He will quickly become much more sensitive to your touch and will more easily be able to cum. Same here. I ask him how can I be better but he never gives me any advice. The hand provides greater surface area while the mouth provides lube. I promise the combination better than either or.

Put on a porn movieslide a finger in and massage his prostateplay with yourselforgasm or fake one. And if he is having trouble cumming? Losing focus? He is stressed. I put my wet lips around his shaft as I start stroking his chocolate cock with my tounge. Ugh makes me wett just thinking about it. Me too I like to suck my boyfriend Gavin black cock I like to suck his balls just like you he makes me so wet he fuck my tight pussy and then he licks me dry.

Thanks for providing such a great resource! One thing I will say, while enthusiasm is excellent and even if you lack skill, it can be more than made up for with enthusiasm, a better blow job will always be one that is offered, not expected.

How to suck cock like a Pornstar: 10 Tips with Gif Previews

I used to be decent at sucking but absolutely hated it because it was expected of me. From my experience and talking to some of my girlfriends, it would be nice if more guys understood that.

Thanks Sugar Plum! The best for me was the thicker dicks I love having my mouth filled completely cocksucker. I get turned down constantly. I really love making my boyfriend cum when I suck his big fat juicy cock.

He loves when I run my tongue up and down softly along his cock. This is a great way of making him ready to cum. I love with taste, it burns my throat but somehow that just makes me more horny. Oh thank you for making this! My bf loves bj and I want to please him more by being better at it. Thank you for the tips!

My boo. Any tips on how to hit the nerve that runs along the bottom of his penis? Try focusing using your tongue and not taking him into your mouth. First off. And finally take it from a guy that lasts long as well.

Try getting him to stop masturbating for few weeks and up to a month. Give a show. I like nipping the tips my fingers before delving them in my mouth. Get between the fingers and giving long licks from the base of my palm to the tip of my fingers.

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Get that hand nice and wet Very Important. Unlike a vagina that lubricates well, so we can stick in a dry finger without too much discomfort, a penis gets hard.

Not wet.

Watch Cock Sucking Techniques on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Blowjob sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving brunette XXX movies you'll find them here. The How To Suck Cock Like A Pornstar: 14 Vital Techniques. Sean Jameson s dick may be like 5 inch or maybe 6 and the width isn't that big it could be like the size of a jumbo weiner and tips on how I should suck his dick. Reply. Shyannenaomi says. January 3, at am. Hold the dick at the point where penis shaft starts with your freaking fingers and palms while you hold the front end of dick with your mouth for sucking it off. This will take his dick to the next level of stimulation you may never have imagined.

Tongue around and along girth as you thumb the head. This helps with the jaw ache and keeps him revved and wet. These are sensitive little dudes, so tread carefully. Ask him what he likes and better to start off too gentle than too rough.

Omg he fucked me so hard because of this thank you so much? I went from never to cumming hard from sucking off his fat cock especially when he would rip his cock out NY mouth grab my hair and he talked to me so filthy and straight nasty while I would be face down ass up that when he would slap my hands away, grab my hair and squeeze his fat cock hard and fast then call me his little cumslut as he blasts his huge loads all over my face and I was told not to think about getting anything to wipe it off until he knows his balls were empty, my pussy got wet and cockslapping My cum drench face and looking up at hiM as he kept calling me his cumslut makes me cum hard.

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IT turned me on so much he since had told me he wants me to suck his friends off too because he knows how much that would turn me on and him too but he likes showing me off by!

What a change from how i used to be.

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