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My Redeemer Lives - A true Ironman story (Team Dick and Rick Hoyt)

Readmikenow enjoys writing about unique and interesting people. He likes to learn about individuals who live or have lived unusual lives. They've been in many races as father and son. This includes marathons as well as Ironman Triathlons and more. Winning any race has never been their goal.

InRick Hoyt was born with cerebral palsy. Obviously, a pretty active one. Since they became Team Hoyt and started running events together in when Dick was 37 years old, the father-and-son team has participated in more than 1, endurance events all over the world, including 70 marathons and triathlons. Included in that number are six Ironman triathlons and 30 Boston Marathons.

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The kid the doctors felt should be institutionalized completed high school and graduated from Boston University in with a degree in special education. When they did their first road race together, it was because Rick wanted to help out a paralyzed lacrosse player.

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A five-mile run had been organized to raise money for the injured athlete, and Rick wanted to participate, which meant that Dick had to participate. As ofDick and Rick Hoyt had competed together in over 1, endurance events. This includes more than 71 marathons as well as seven Ironman triathlons.

The Boston Marathon has been completed by the Hoyts 32 times. They also did more than compete in races. Dick and Rick Hoyt ran and biked the entire length of the United States.

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It took them 45 days to complete a distance of 3, miles. All good things must come to an end. When Dick Hoyt reached the age of 73, and Rick Hoyt was 52, the father-and-son team who had inspired so many people felt it was time to give up competing in races.

Initially, they were going to make the Boston Marathon their last race. It had always been their favorite race to run. The terrorist bombing that year made many runners unable to finish the race.

Dick and Rick Hoyt were stopped at the mile mark. They were determined to not let this be their last race. The father and son team made the Boston Marathon their grand finale. At the end of the race, Dick was interviewed by a local Boston media. He told reporters how he and Rick were glad to be in the race for the people who got killed or wounded the previous year.

BethAnn Telford - Triathlete, Motivational Speaker, and Fundraiser - "I fight for those that are unable, especially for children suffering from cancer, as there is a very significant lack of .

InDick and Rick Hoyt worked with others to create a non-profit organization known as the Hoyt Foundation. The goal of the organization is to help those with disabilities in the United States build self-esteem and self-confidence.

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This is done by inclusion in the family as well as community activities including school, sports as well as the workplace. This is encouraged by Dick and Rick Hoyt at their speaking engagements.

The Boston Marathon was officially Team Hoyt's th race. Rick always says if it comes down to doing one race a year he would like it to be the Boston Marathon: his favorite race. was going to be Dick and Rick's last Boston Marathon together, but they were not able to finish due to the bombings. This is The inspiring story of Rick and Dick Hoyt who have competed together in various athletic endeavors, including marathons and Ironman triathlons by pulling, carrying, and pushing Rick during the 17 hours of the race. Jan 29,   In , Team Hoyt tackled the Hawaii Ironman. After pulling Rick in a raft through miles in , they got on the bike. Their bike weighed 76 pounds, Rick weighed in at and Dick was a lean and mean Don't try this at home.

They speak at professional as well as community events, group meetings, and more. On April 8,Dick and Rick Hoyt were honored with a bronze statue of them running a race. It is a life-size bronze statue that was commissioned by John Hancock. The dedication of the statue occurred in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, near the place where the Boston Marathon begins.

Today, Dick and Rick Hoyt still maintain close communication with one another. Rick has his own apartment, as he has home care, and is employed. Dick has retired from the military and lives in Holland, Massachusetts. They still get together and travel around the United States giving speeches. One Father's Day, Rick was asked what he would like to give his father if he could give him anything.

Rick told everyone that he would like most to be able to have his dad sit in a chair, and he have the ability to push his father for once. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Thank you for writing about them. I was thinking about his father. God is great! The son has an awesome caregiver. I pray you shall again write about them. May God bless you and all you love always! Flourish Anyway, I agree this is a special story. Dick's wife Judy Hoyt died in and according to her obit. Thank you for sharing this story. A family that cares can do almost anything. What a lesson to us all.

Hi Mike. I am very familiar with the Hoyt's as I also live in western Massachusetts. I have crossed paths with them numerous times at local triathlons and road races over the last 30 years, and I can you that what they have accomplished together is astounding.

The picture you included of them crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon shows the clock with a time of That is an incredible achievement. What is even more incredible is that they have a marathon PR of That may not mean much to someone who does not run, but trust me, that is beyond amazing, especially when you consider that Dick is pushing a chair with Rick in it.

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After 34 years of marriage, she and Dick divorced in Her animosity toward Dick is still fresh. Dick had shopped carefully and found the slightly used vehicle, with a working lift, at a dealer near his house.

Dick lowers the lift, eases Rick on to it, and then works the lever. Staring into a private middle distance, Rick rises into the van. Still not totally familiar with how the van maneuvers, Dick spends the next several minutes hassling it out of the garage; the customized raised roof clears the garage ceiling only by a few inches. He must back up and pull forward repeatedly to get past a car that is parked illegally in the exit lane. Once out of the garage, he retraces his route to the Mass Pike and points the van west, back toward Holland.

In the back Rick listens to NBA scores on the radio. As they get close to home, Dick stops at a Greek pizza joint to pick up a couple of oven-baked grinders. Once inside the house and settled in the kitchen, Dick sets the ouzo aside. He and Rick are both eager to vindicate themselves after what happened in the race, when they wiped out at the mile mark of the bike leg. Most likely we skidded on an empty water bottle. An ambulance took him to the emergency room.

The doctors there were concerned because of all the blood and the fact that Rick was a quadriplegic. I kept telling them he was okay, but they insisted on taking 52 X-rays.

I refused to pay it, of course. Hawaii, though, is still nine months away. As always at this time of year, the two are focusing on Boston. Rick and Dick prepare for the marathon by running several half-marathons from January through March. Because Dick trains solo during the week, typically running about eight miles a day, he relies on the half-marathons for building upper-body strength, and adjusting to pushing Rick and the wheelchair.

He frets over the missed training.

Dick hoyt ironman

The sensation passed, and they finished the race without difficulty. But the phenomena recurred at races over the next few weeks.

Dick consulted his doctor, who administered an EKG. The EKG showed that you had a heart attack. That procedure was done just days before the Boston Marathon, and meant Team Hoyt would miss the race for the first time in 22 years. While Dick tells the story, Rick listens intently. His eyes flicker and his right arm jerks in a slow, almost graceful fashion.

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One running club offered to bring in 26 people, and each would push the chair for a mile. He said no. Team Hoyt was exactly that, a team. We would run, or not run, together. If Dick ran so fast pushing a pound load, the reasoning went, imagine what he could do unencumbered. But Dick declined to compete without his son. Dave McGillivray, the race director of the Boston Marathon and a close friend of the Hoyts, thought that if Dick had competed solo, he could have become a world-class age-group runner.

In fact, it was McGillivray who first suggested that Dick try triathlons. In fact, after 25 years, and all the publicity, only a few have ever tried. The roars of the spectators reverberate off the brick buildings and swell behind the two men like a following wind.

Dick bears down and begins to sprint. Rick writhes and jerks ecstatically, the screams of his fans shooting through him.

Jun 04,   During an Ironman Triathlon, Dick Hoyt will push his son in a special wheelchair during the running portion of the race. He will then place his son on a special seat in the front of a bicycle for the bike-riding portion of the race. Rick Hoyt is also placed in a Reviews: 8. Rick was born in to Dick and Judy Hoyt. As a result of oxygen deprivation to Rick's brain at the time of his birth, Rick was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. Dick and Judy were advised to institutionalize Rick because there was no chance of him recovering, and little hope for Rick to live a "normal" life. May 05,   On April 17, , Dick and Rick Hoyt, the most inspiring father-son team in sports, took their hallowed place at the Boston Marathon for the 25th time.

The event in Hopkinton in early January demonstrated the intense emotional bond that the Hoyts have forged with their fans. When Dick learned about the size of the gift, his first impulse was to refuse it or funnel it into his Easter Seals drive. He and Rick had sat quietly on the stage of the school auditorium and patiently listened to a series of speakers. There were tears and testimonials.

The Hoyts were made honorary citizens of Hopkinton. A state senator read a proclamation.

Team Hoyt Starts Again

But I can honestly say that stopping never crossed my mind. And I know Rick feels the same way. We have inspired a lot of able-bodied people to start running or try some other kind of exercise. Like the Austin insurance executive who heard Dick speak at a company sales meeting. His talk on overcoming obstacles, whether physical or mental, so inspired her that she used not just his message but Dick himself to fight through a long marathon training run.

Labour of Love Dick and Rick Hoyt Team Hoyt

After finishing lunch, Dick wheels Rick into the living room and places him in his favorite spot by the bay window, where he can look out over the sloping lawn to the edge of Hamilton Reservoir. His father hooks him up to the computer and headpiece equipped with a mouse that rests just behind his right temple.

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He twitches his head to move the cursor through the letters, double-twitching when he wants to select one. Each twitch requires a concentrated effort. As he works, his arm waves spasmodically, occasionally getting caught in the computer wires. Rick considers for several moments, then sets to work. He scans down the letters, each twitch of his head accompanied by a small electronic beep, like a bird chirping.

Triathlete Newsletter

Y, he types. Then, three minutes later, E, and, after a similar interval, S. Wthree minutesHthree minutesEthree minutes, and so on for a half hour.

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Rick communicates no sense of frustration or impatience. The twitches and chirps continue. And then the full reply sounds through the voice synthesizer. Rick laughs, his face twisting into a grin, his shoulders shaking. Forty-five minutes after the first question, the next one comes. Do you ever think you should stop or cut back?

I understand them not in terms of running, but as far as general life. The final, two-part question comes as dusk falls and Rick's father quietly enters the room to turn on a lamp.

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